African is opening up so you can enjoy a Covid Safe African Safari. Let our qualified local guides show you how. Why would you embark on an African safari tour at this time and would a safari be safe? If you look carefully at all the facts, Covid in its current form is no longer a threat! The world is, or has, commenced to live life once again and those that have regulated our lives for so long are now telling us to move forward. Part of this ‘new plan for the future’ is to again travel and plan holidays. Yes, we are living in a new world shaped by the pandemic but fortunately for those who have always wanted to visit Africa and enjoy a truly unforgettable safari experience now is the time to fulfil this dream. There are a variety of highly enticing reasons to choose an African safari over other forms of international holiday.


  • An African safari takes you to the wild and untamed areas of the world. A safari with African Adventures will place you in the world’s most iconic and isolated wilderness areas and Covid hates this! Why? Covid needs population density to spread its nastiness and if you are the only people within a one-hundred-kilometre area then it stands no chance.
  • All the experts are saying the “new look” of international travel will be towards small groups (10 people or less), guided by an expert who can avoid tricky situations and the holiday will be outdoors orientated. This is Africa and this is exactly what a safari with African Adventures Safari Company
  • Africa, after Australasia, has had the best Covid results on the planet. Infections were much lower than elsewhere with comparable populations, and a large factor in this good result seems to be related to climate. Warm, sunny weather is anathema to Covid.
Mum , Dad and son enjying elephants at a waterhole and being Covid safe.

Happy family enjoying elephants at a water whole during an African Covid safe safari

Incredible as it may sound my business, AFRICAN ADVENTURES SAFARI COMPANY, has ALWAYS operated in this way so that makes me a world leader and trendsetter in international travel long before Covid became a problem. I have always had small groups, guided by me personally and I specialise in the best wilderness and wildlife experiences available.

The verdict by the experts is straightforward and simple. An African safari is by far the best, and safest, way to kick start your international travels. Therefore, let me take you on a safari you will never forget and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime – before others discover this wonderful secret. Contact me and ask any question and I will provide an honest and factual reply. Now is the time to get together with family, or a small group of friends, and plan an African safari that will transform your life from the mundane of lock down to the adventure of a lifetime. Book Now